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The Future Currency Group was founded on the belief that blockchain technology has the potential to supercharge the global economy and deliver increased efficiencies across all sectors. We aim to unlock blockchain's vast potential, by providing leadership and funding for the growth and adoption of this technology across the globe. 

The future of blockchain is exciting! It is creating new opportunities by disrupting entire industries and creating new business models. FCG has recognised these opportunities, and is one of the leading Australian blockchain companies investing in technologies which will position us at the forefront of this global revolution. 

We are focused on establishing a uniformed and comprehensive approach to creating solutions to the existing challenges associated with blockchain. Through our coordinated efforts with key stakeholders, we are pushing the boundaries of blockchain as we move into the next phase of the digital age.

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Staying true to our principles

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We only deliver projects that will benefit all members of the community.

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Our blockchain infrastructure and applications incorporate the best security features available.

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All of the technology that we use is best of breed, and is designed in concert with some of the world's most credentialed academics and industry leaders

Everything that we do is guided by our main principles. There are community, trust and quality.

Our Executive Team




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Christian is an entrepreneur, businessman and lawyer who has been engaged in legal practice for over 20 years.

Christian first began his involvement in the blockchain space in 2014 when he commenced public speaking circuits in East Asia on the subject of the evolution of currency systems and the development of blockchain leveraged virtual currency systems. At an early stage, he identified the primary challenges affecting the adoption of virtual currency system as:

a) The absence of regulatory structure;

b) The absence uniformity and interoperability; and

c) The absence of identity protocols

Christian regularly speaks at symposia and industry events in Asia and the Middle East on blockchain applications, developments, implementations and opportunities. Since 2016, Christian has also been championing the cause of the ICVE and leading the development of its conceptual framework, practical implementation and strategic objectives.

Christian has achieved industry recognition in leading circles within the blockchain community in Australia through his leadership in developing the blockchain CRC initiative. He has further significant experience and expertise in dealing with leading institutions, academics and industry partners in the blockchain space and has played a major role in shaping industry led research initiatives. 



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Dylan is a senior technology, product development, software engineering and systems management executive with 12 plus years leading technology teams in China and across Asia Pacific.

A senior Linux engineer and former Chief Product Officer for Red Pulse, the first platform deployed on the Chinese NEO blockchain, Dylan has extensive experience supporting enterprise applications for high-availability, six sigma monitored, distributed systems over multiple industry platforms.

These have included IBM AIX and mainframe, Sun Solaris, Linux, back-end Oracle databases; data warehousing facilities. Dylan has led Core Systems Implementation teams encompassing design - build - maintenance (full lifecycle) for application, wide area network, security and UNIX systems. A Certified Network Technology Expert (People's Republic of China Government Certification), Dylan leads FCG software and platform solutions architecture and product development.

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David is a Canadian entrepreneur, futurist and catalyst in new media, digital marketing and the circular economy. He has over 20 years of experience creating and growing startup companies in consumer electronics, digital marketing, eCommerce and sustainability.

David serves as a strategy, planning and technology advisor to governments, non-profits, digital technology firms and leading multinationals in Australia, the United States, Greater China, Europe and India.

Since 2007, David has founded and curated industry-leading conferences on digital media, culture and the circular economy. He is a member of Peter Diamandis' 'Abundance Digital' global community and a frequent speaker at international conferences and seminars, catalysing conversations that rethink sustainability and transformative technologies. David leads the development and execution of FCG's strategic vision, drawing on two decades of broad industry experience and a deep global network of leading thinkers, executives and strategic partners. 


Andrew is a senior business and technology leader, VC advise, founder, strategists and innovator. He was formally the CTO for Prime Property, Chief Product Officer for Juwai.com and has worked for Macquarie, Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase & Co and BMO Capital Markets.

David serves as a strategy, planning and technology advisor to governments, non-profits, digital technology firms and leading multinationals in Australia, the United States, Greater China, Europe and India. Andrew holds an MBA from MGSM and has completed executive programs at Said Business School, Harvard Business School and Columbia Business School.

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