About Us

Leading The Blockchain Revolution


The Future Currency Group was founded on the belief that blockchain technology has the potential to supercharge the global economy and deliver increased efficiencies across all sectors. We aim to unlock blockchain’s vast potential, by providing leadership and funding for the growth and adoption of this technology across the globe. 

Blockchain is creating new opportunities by disrupting entire industries and creating new business models. FCG has recognised these opportunities, and is investing in technologies which will position us at the forefront of this global revolution.

We are focused on establishing a uniformed and comprehensive approach to creating solutions to the existing challenges associated with blockchain. Through our coordinated efforts with key stakeholders, we are pushing the boundaries of blockchain as we move into the next phase of the digital age.

Staying True To Our Principles


Everything that we do is guided by our main principles. These are community, trust and quality. 


We only deliver projects that will benefit all members of the community. 


Our blockchain infrastructure and applications incorporate the best security features available. 


All of the technology that we use is best of breed, and is designed in concert with some of the world’s most credentialed academics and industry leaders.

Our Executive Team

Christian Moore

Managing Director



A qualified legal practitioner turned blockchain enthusiast, Christian first began his involvement in the blockchain space in 2014. He has presented at numerous seminars and conferences in Asia to discuss the evolution of blockchain and virtual currency systems. 

Chris Andrews

Chief Technical Officer



Chris has been involved in the IT sector for close to 30 years. During his time working in the industry, Chris has worked for some of the world’s biggest IT companies such as Dimension Data. Chris has helped deliver some of the world’s biggest IT projects including… 

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