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Our projects

Working with the best, to be the best

We are involved in a number of initiatives that are helping to develop the next generation of sophisticated blockchain infrastructure and applications. 

CRC for the Australian Blockchain Superhighway

We are a proud partner of the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for the Australian Blockchain Superhighway, a collaborative effort involving government, industry and research providers. This CRC is aimed at developing ideas and solutions so that blockchain can reach its full potential.

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International Council for the Virtual Economy

FCG is working with key stakeholders to establish a national and supranational institution for the development, promotion and regulation of virtual currencies that utilise blockchain banking technology. The ICVE will assist with the development of a regulatory framework for virtual currencies, and will address the need for governments to have visibility and control over how their citizens conduct virtual currency transactions.


BAXE is the first digital gateway platform into the new emerging virtual economy. It integrates seamlessly between regional legacy banking systems and the new NEO digital banking commerce environments. BAXE delivers borderless effortless payments, and financial transactions, with the greatest of ease. 

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And much, much more...

Our state of the art blockchain infrastructure is opening up an entire realm of potential blockchain use cases. If you have an idea for a blockchain enabled project that requires our infrastructure, and mirrors our principles, contact us today.

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