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The FCG Initiative

Leading the blockchain revolution

At its core, the FCG seeks to transform the global economy by initiating fundamental changes in the way people engage in exchange. 

Exchange is at the core of all social interaction. By adopting blockchain virtual currency systems as the primary means of exchange, FCG believes that a transformation be effected which will change the financial system as we know it and open the doorway to an integrative blockchain ecology. This will lead to vast improvement to the efficiency of capital allocations, significantly reduce the transaction and financing costs and provide access to the financial system to the unbanked. 

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Establish a lead supranational organisation for development and establishment of rules, governance, technical protocols and regulations across jurisdictions.

Development of 'blockchain superhighway' which FCG envisages will be a unified blockchain infrastructure which will enable the development of a truly integrated blockchain ecology.

Development of a concerted movement in the academic and technical community to solve all the challenges.

Development of technical and commercial systems 

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It is envisaged that this organisation will bring together key stakeholders including academics, government, regulators, industry partners and stakeholders. 
We refer to this organisation as the International Council for the Virtual Economy (ICVE).
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It is further envisaged that the Blockchain Superhighway will be regulated by the ICVE.
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This will address the impediments to be resolved before blockchain can rightfully take its place as a viable technology.
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